American Dance Festival – Week #1

Since making it to Durham, North Carolina I have been nothing but a dancing machine. As I sit in bed preparing to call it a night, I have to ask myself, am I already asleep? Is this a dream? Because I am in a dancers heaven. Waking up everyday knowing that hours of new dance experiences await me has been such an incredible feeling.

The first week of ADF is sample week, where we have the to opportunity to take a 45 minute sample class from every single staff member teaching at American Dance Festival for the summer. That’s over 45 teachers!!! The first week also includes all the auditions for the entirety of the program, including repertory, apprenticeships, and international choreographer auditions. With in the last two days I have opportunity to audition for more that 10 vastly different works that will be shown here at ADF.

The things this first week of dancing here at ADF have taught me have already made me grow so intensely as not only a dancer, but as a person who will soon be leaving the comfort of pursuing an education and looking for a career in a field of work that isn’t very easy to come by.


Well here at ADF you can catch a performance almost daily, from professional dance companies in a 3,000 seat venue to a student work in a coffee-house. This week I was lucky enough to view two amazing companies by the name of Shen Wei Dance Arts and Bodytraffic. These two companies have beautiful works that I wish I could view over and over again (I actually went to go see Bodytraffic twice because I loved it so much).

I’M DOING A REPERTORY PIECE!!! I got casted in Abby Zbikowski work and will be studying with her for the next 6 1/2 weeks as she creates a new work and premieres it at ADF!!

I’M ALSO DOING A PIECE WITH AN INTERNATIONAL CHOREOGRAPHER!! I got casted into a piece being created by a choreographer from Hong Kong as well as Venezuela. Unfortunately, I have to make a decision between the two and choose one. I am very interested in this process as english isn’t the first language of either of my choreographers, and can’t wait to discover how to use dance as a tool to achieve a form of communication between us and our language barrier.

My last highlight is being able to audition for an apprenticeship with Pilobolous. If you’re not familiar with this company please check them out! If you like seeing athleticism, abstract partnering, and an overall entertaining show, they are a must. Well anyways, Pilobolous is offering a position to join their team and work with them for a year and possibly join their company as a full-time dancer after the completion of the apprenticeship. This very famous company I got to audition for today, I am still in awe of this one guys!

Check out the week one video!


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