Week 2

This week at ADF has been really challenging in the sense of finding a compromise between dancing as much as I mentally want to and physically can. There are so many opportunities to dance every waking hour of the day, making it really hard to voluntarily sit out when your anxious to always learn more. My schedule itself is quite intense as I have 8am contemporary, 10:15am african and 1:30pm repertory rehearsal, followed by evening rehearsal for my international choreographer. On Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays our normal schedule opens up to allow us to take different classes offered throughout the day from faculty in which we may not have been able to place into our Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday schedule.

Every Saturday ADF host a improv jam which is an unstructured 3 hour jam session between musicians and dancers. This time is really interesting as I found myself not dancing at one point and was amazed to step back and view the magic that was being created unintentionally around me. With no restrictions on movement styles during the jam, you look around and view styles and moment qualities in which you may have never thought of. Pretty much the improv jam is equal to having a night out on the town and tearing up the dance floor. It is equivalent to the felling you (at least I get) when I am able to dance the night away. Now, in a judgement free zone (improv jam) you can practice all you ever wanted to do as a dancer, or not even move at all, the point is to live in the movement and do whatever you feel. What I have seen come out of that peacefulness has been pretty powerful.

REP/ICR: Repertory with Abby as well as International Choreographer rehearsal with Allen have both been a very interesting processes. I am really excited to not only be able to perform the works in the making but to be apart of both of the creation processes. The choreographic devices we have been using to generate movement has definitely been my favorite part about creating these pieces, both works steaming from a very different movement style has already began to allow me to live with a larger and more knowledgeable creative eye.

Week 3

*A very short and vague post*

Awkward Magic: This was the first dance show I viewed structured around being a comedy. The show was held in almost a comedy club setting, which allowed you to sit back and have a drink while you watched the performance. Awkward Magic honestly had me laughing until I was crying!! Composed of a mixture of dance along with stand up and other skits that would entertain any person with or without dance knowledge, this show is a must see when you are looking for a great time out.

Paul Taylor: Still being fairly new to the dance world, I am unsure of a lot of names I should probably be familiar with, but Paul Taylor is definitely an exception that I learned about early on. So, walking into the theater with high expectations, I have to say I did not walk out as pleased as I would have like to. Over all it was a nice performance but did not compete for a top spot against all the other dancing I have viewed at ADF so far.

Marriage Equality: I am very happy that our government, one that was established on the moral that everyone should be able to live freely and equally has made this rule. It made the environment here at ADF which already spews of love and acceptance an even more overflowing community that was able to celebrate a milestone for the USA.

International Screen Dance Festival: Wow! Dance can be so powerful! Viewing some of the films opened my eyes to serious issues that effect others places in the world that I was unaware of. Being able to capture dance for camera is something that I am becoming more and more interested in, so being able to view these films from around the world has been very inspiring and I can not help but feel the need to pick up my camera and began to create.


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