Intermedia Update

Being a student at The Ohio State University we are offered amazing experiences that are not always offered on your normal college campus. One of the greatest resources being ACCAD, the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design. Here undergraduate and graduate students get to experience innovative technologies to create amazing designs routed in the best softwares and programs computing can offer. Lucky, being a dance major at OSU also presents quite a few amazing opportunities, like housing ACCAD’s technology studios, MoLA. The Motion Lab. MoLA contains several cameras, projectors, and other very elaborate equipment that work together to create a space in which you can almost do anything your heart desires when it comes to being creative.

This semester I am enrolled in a class by the name of Intermedia Performance, which focuses on how to incorporate and integrate technologies into different types of live performance. Being hosted in MoLA this class allows me to have a hands on experience in creating different atmospheres and interactions using the technologies in the space. In class we speak on how to compose and interpret works. When attending the lab portion of our class we explore the different elements used to create a intermedia work, such as lighting, sound, and computing programs. Specifically we have been using a program by the name of Isadora, which alters and manipulates signals you send through it, through a system of connecting and overlaying different patches and edits.

Intermedia has opened my eyes to a fantastic world of creating works dependent on technology through watching videos and reading post of pioneers of this genre. Its awesome to be able to view such beautiful works and know I am making steps toward learning what was needed in the creation of such elaborate visuals. I am excited about the next coming weeks of this class and can not wait to share my upcoming discoveries.


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