Artist Statement

Dance is something that is fairly new to me when you talk about the timeline of a traditional dancer’s life. This fact alone almost stopped me from pursuing something that I knew was progressively becoming more important in my life, pushing all dreams of dancing aside once I began to think of the sacrifices I would have to make in order to achieve my dream of becoming a trained dancer. After some long and hard thinking, I have discovered that I do believe in my dream, and I do believe in myself. I believe that just because I have not been dancing since the age of four, does not mean that I can not be as good as someone who has. I am currently pursuing dance to prove to myself that anything is possible when you believe that it is possible. I am studying dance to prove to my family that I can live life as a dancer, and lastly I am here to find a way to incorporate my happiness, my drive, my peace, the best feelings I have ever felt before, into my everyday life.

Now recently discovering this whole new world that seems so limitless, I am anxious to learn as much as I can. Dance has rapidly become something that I can not imagine living with out even a single day of my life. It is honestly scary to think about the other opportunities that have presented themselves in my life, and if I had taken those where might I have fallen. Now chasing a degree at The Ohio State University in one of the best dance program in the United States Of America, I open my eyes and look back on the short journey I have just begun to travel and am so thankful I have decided to live for me.


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