Beginning Quest

After realizing that performing arts was something that felt natural to me, I decided to stick with it. Being offered a full ride scholarship to sing and dance in college was unreal, so unreal that my family began to question why. Why am I being offered so much money? What am I going to do when it is over? Why is it all the way in Wyoming? Now being the only one in control of my life, I could careless what my family thought was best for me, as the “best for me” concept is what crippled me from finding my niche sooner.  So, I decided to be adventurous, if I hated it where I was going I would transfer schools before the start of my sophomore year, have no money lost, and get to perform and travel until I discover what I actually want to do, so why not, why would I not take advantage of this opportunity? Soon it was time to venture twenty-three hours and fifteen-hundred miles across the country to my new home of Gillette, Wyoming.

Moving fifteen-hundred miles across the country was not easy at all, in fact was very scary. My whole life I had only know the city of Cleveland as home and never had to deal with such a large move. Not only was this move far away, but it was without anyone. No family or friends ventured this twenty-three hours to keep me company, I was alone, a thousand plus miles away from all I had ever known. After a few weeks in my new home I finally began to become acclimated to this unfamiliar environment, beginning to correlate names with familiar faces. I soon found myself on a strict schedule, beginning to feel out a rhythm for my classes and rehearsals. Traveling to Wyoming for the purpose of performing clearly meant that this new commitment to performing arts was a big one. This came with countless hours of voice lessons and quite a little time taking basic technique classes for movement.

Honestly, the terms ballet and jazz did not exist to me until my first technique class my freshman year of college. We were obligated to take one class that combined these two forms as well as a little tap in effort to make us “non-technical dancers” grasp a better understanding of the movement our choreographers expected. Taking the required technique class I found myself falling in love with the discipline these newly discovered forms of dance were bringing into my life. I immediately inquired more information about other classes that were taking place at the local studio in which we had been taking class, and if they were available for me to take. I quickly enrolled myself in a second ballet class, a jazz class, and a circuit pilates class, all in effort to catch up on what I had been missing. Determined to learn, I did not let the fact that I was the oldest student in my classes by seven years, a boy, and the most inexperienced stop me from achieving my goal. At the time I could not even say what my goal was, I just knew that I wanted to dance.

Overall I have to say that taking the offer of moving to Wyoming was the reason  I discovered my passion for dance. After some deep thinking, I decided that staying in Wyoming could no longer do anything for me and the new vision I had for my life. With this epiphany, I decided to apply to schools which had dance as a major option. This left me with a limited numbers of schools as most colleges do not offer such programs. Kent State University and The Ohio State University became my two major choices, as both are in the state in which I grew up, in term costing me less money to attend. After attending Ohio State for the first time for a campus tour, I discovered that the dance program is very highly ranked across the world. This instantly attracted me to the university and made me want to attend no matter the sacrifices. Still being new to formal training, and now hearing of this highly ranked program, I became scared, afraid that I would never make it in such a program. My goal for my summer home now became to learn as much as possible for my audition for the School of Dance at The Ohio State University. I searched up and down to find studios across my area that were talked about highly, relying on google to find all information because I had no one I knew in the “dance scene”, eventually coming across The Beck Center for the Arts. A forty-five minute drive from my house to my new studio, I would travel three days a week. Taking jazz, ballet, and tap, I was determined to learn as much as possible within the four weeks of summer I was enrolled in dance class. Focusing so hard on learning as much as I can, I forgot to check on when the audition was to even enter the dance program at Ohio State. Well, a few weeks after the start of my summer classes I discovered that I missed the audition for entrance into the dance program for the autumn semester. This turned out to be a good thing, as I could take non-major dance classes my first semester at The Ohio State University to learn more about what the department wanted out of their students.



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