Closer Than I Believe

Still basking in the realization that I am now one the less than 150 dance majors out of the sixty-thousand students that attend The Ohio State University, I look up and wonder why? Why am I here? How did I even get here? I am not going to sit here and act as if I am the only person in the world whos had my eyes on a prize and has achieved it, because I am not. But looking back on my journey to get here in such a short time is something that I take pride in. Now a student in the Department of Dance, I have to think about what I am going to do once I leave Ohio State? What am I going to do with a dance degree? Honestly, I do not know. I can see myself performing if a door opens and takes me there, or becoming a teacher at a studio, or owning a studio. As long as I am dancing, I do not care where I am.

Not knowing exactly what I want to do once I have completed my study is something that worries me very often. One week I will decide that I will be a choreographer, two weeks later I will have decided that I will become a teacher, my goal has literally changed almost everyday since I have entered the program. One thing is for sure though, everyday single day I find myself becoming more and more exposed to different routes that dance can take me. Right now I am honestly enjoying being exposed to all of these possible options after my study here is over. For this reason exactly I have decided that stressing myself out and forcing myself to choose a direction at this given point in my training is probably not the best thing to do. Dance is a very large umbrealla term that encompassas alot, so much that the subcategories of dance have subcategories. Even though I got a late start compared to most dancers, I plan on graduating from Ohio State as strong as someone who has been dancing since birth, not letting my petite amount of years of training be an excuse for any job I may take. So far dancing at Ohio State has taught me more than what I have learned anywhere else I have danced. Seeing this being true, riding out my journey for the rest of my time here at The Ohio State University while keeping my eyes open to opportunities and new directions, is the best way I believe I can find where I want to be once my study is up. I can not wait to experience the three more years of training from the great professors and guest artist that teach at Ohio State University, and watch myself and the others around me grow as dancers, performers, and people. That is why I am here in The Department Of Dance at  The Ohio State University, to create a life that I will be happy in, doing what makes me hysterically ecstatic to be alive!


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