Coming up in a household in which sports was almost a religion, I never thought of dance as being an option for my future. Basketball, baseball, football, I had tried them all, but not one of those sports felt natural to me. Usually as a little boy you look up to your father, imitating what you see him doing all in effort to become “a man.” I tried what I saw him doing, all because at the time I thought it was what you were suppose to do, as if it was some rule written in the “like father like son handbook”, but after attempting what felt like all the sports known to man, I found myself sport-less. For the life of me I tried to find something to play that I actually enjoyed, but it never happened. I mean, I played, it was fun, but it never felt like home, you know the feeling you get when you lay in your bed after a really long day?  I never found that peace. After eventually discovering music I found myself accidentally discovering dance, first entering the performing arts field as a singer. As I got older, I soon began to realize that I was falling in love with the movement aspect of choir more so than I did the vocal. It was not until my first year of college I discovered formal dance training, and quickly became obsessed with learning more about it. Only after a few months of training I knew that dancing was something that I wanted to never stop doing, so I decided to apply to schools that had dance as a major option. Taking a leap of faith and going to a school purely because I wanted to be apart of their dance department after only a few months of training was one of the hardest decisions of my life, but now I am here, a dance major at one of the top dance programs in the world.


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