Moving Forward

Now enrolled in ballet, jazz, and my first contemporary class at Ohio State, I was ready to move on to my next step in training. I was honestly afraid of how class was going to work out, seeing that I had just began dancing still less than a year prior. I was concerned that everyone would be far ahead of me in their training, as I felt you just do not pick up a dance class in college for fun, but because it is something you feel like you want to keep up on or sustain. Eventually warming up to my surroundings and getting over my fears, I found that my classes were not so scary at all, and in fact very fun. I would have to say my first contemporary class was very different from anything I had ever taken. I remember rolling on the floor and “becoming one with myself” on the first day of class, thinking to myself  “well this is different, I don’t know if I really care for this.” All I had know from the last few months of taking dance was structure and form, so being able to be free and let your body go was something that was completely foreign to my training. After a few more classes I found this new form of dance to be really interesting, falling in love with it rapidly. I became happy that this class became one of my favorites, especially when I discovered that Ohio State’s Department of Dance was more contemporary based than ballet.

Rapidly approaching, the audition for entrance into the School of Dance for the spring semester came creeping along. I contemplated attending the audition as I felt that I was still not ready to take on such a large audition. With the help of my dance teachers at the time, I was convinced that there was nothing to be afraid of, and to attend the audition and treat it as another day in class. Scared out of my mind I walked into the warm up room, seeing a room full of legs stretched all the way over bars and splits here and there. I WAS DONE! I do not think I have ever been so afraid in my life. Hours later, at least that is what it felt like, us auditionees finally made it to the actual audition. Improv, contemporary, and ballet were the three parts that consisted of the movement portion of the audition. Never having experience working with improv, I was intimidated at the thought of taking commands on cue and making movement appear effortless on spot. Trying not to let the panel see me sweat, I moved on in the audition with my chest high as I had not really been phased by the foreign prompts. Next was contemporary, the combination we were taught was very fast and athletic, incorporating moves from rolling on the floor to jumping directly in the air. Watching the dancers around me pick up the choreography quickly and with easy, it made it even harder to focus on getting it right, as I knew I was the odd ball in the room. Last but not least we were taught a ballet sequence, but to me it appeared as if we were told it. Still less than a year into my new life as a “dancer” I had never really ventured away from the barre, let alone practice an actual sequence. Dancing this ballet sequence, or what I would call my attempt at “dancing” the sequence, made me feel like a fish out of water laying in the middle of the Arizona desert. After a successful day of what felt like embarrassing myself, I was ready to just find a new major and give up on my dreams of one day being able to move like a trained dancer. After trying to forget that a letter was going to soon be finding me in a few weeks to inform me of my “great audition, but unfortunately it was very competitive, and we can not grant you a spot in this semester audition group. But please, try again next semester”, I found myself for some reason still waiting on it. Hopeful for whatever reason, I received the letter and opened it immediately to find that..I was accepted. I WAS ACCEPTED!! I was accepted into one of the PREMIER DANCE PROGRAMS IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Was this real?


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