At some point in life we figure out that living for the satisfaction of others is not the way to live at all, but living for yourself is the only way to truly be internally happy. I guess you can say that I figured that out late in life. Once I got to middle school I found myself falling in love with singing in a traditional choir in which my friends encouraged me to join. After spending time within the music department I was exposed to show choir, a world of singing and dancing together. The dancing in show choir was very minimal and not really challenging at all. I found myself quickly picking up the choreography we were given, and then being looked at by others for guidance. This trait quickly landed me in the spot of dance captain, the person in charge of making sure the group knew the moves, was insync, and over all had their stuff together. Naturally falling into this position, I did not find it a big deal, as I did not have to really exert myself to fulfill it. Now looking back on such a position, I realize that I not only enjoy dancing myself, but I enjoy teaching it; I enjoy finding ways to explain things so that people can understand them. Recently discovering that helping others learn to move is something that comes natural to me, I believe that a good fit for me could possibly be a dance teacher. I am not sure if I would want to continue school to become a teacher at a university, or just become a teacher at a local studio or dance school.


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