#TravisWallOSU MasterClass

While editing this video this morning, I am realizing that last week was not a dream. That a week ago I was honored to be able to set up a last minute masterclass with world renowned choreographer Travis Wall!!!……That I got to take class and dance alongside one of the most accomplished dancers of my time!!!…..What’s even more amazing is that I was not only able to be granted this opportunity alone, but was able to satisfy over 70 other people’s dreams all because of something I envisioned and worked to achieved. Within 48 hours of discovering that hosting Travis Wall at The Ohio State University was a possible option, word quickly got around and students began to signup so rapidly that we reached our capacity and had to begin waitlisting people. With the number of bodies signed up so quickly, it pushed us out of our original space and placed us in another within 24 hours of releasing the sign up information!! I want to thank everyone who so graciously offered their help in the last minute effort to host one of the best choreographers of our generation!! Thank you Travis and thanks everyone who attended. So magical.


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