As a student in the School of Dance at The Ohio State University, we are required to learn different techniques to help us dancers become more versatile, in term being able to market ourself better. One of our projects was to film a documentary. After learning about different ways to film a documentary, I chose to film mine in more of a commercial style than a traditional set up of interviewer and interviewee.



When presented with this project I knew that I did not want to film a “normal” interview with the traditional, a question gets asked and answered scenario. Knowing this going into the project, it was hard to find a topic in which I was going to be able to detour from the traditional interview. I then began to think of other ways to tell a story through film, and thought of ways to twist it so it would become more of a documentary.  I started to go around asking my friends what they do through out the day, I began to notice how some of my friends were using their time wisely and some were just waisting it. Eventually this simple thought became interesting to me and I pondered on how I would be able to catch this on film, after a lot of  thought compression, Utilization was born.

Shooting Film

The location of my film way never really a thought for me, as I was simply following my interviewees around throughout a normal day of theirs. Clearly I was not going to be up at five thirty in the morning to see Rachel get up and up till four thirty at night to see Maddie go to sleep. So, shots like these I had to use ways to manipulate the different times of day like, clothing, clocks, and film edits.


I was unsure how I was going to edit my documentary to show how time is used. My first thought was to use a clock in every scene as a motif, but that began to become more of a problem once we got in to places like class rooms and the gym. I then proceeded to edit my film disregarding showing how time was changing throughout the day and focused on other options like music and edits. I remembered the line from the song Fly Like An Eagle from Space Jam “time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping, into the future” and thought this would be prefect to loop in my video, with some cool time lapse editing. After I completed my edits I was still a little unsatisfied with my documentary, but at the same time happy with the evolution of it. Presenting the “finalized” product to people close to me I found that they were a little confused as to what time of day all these things were happening. This lead me to add time into each of the frames, resolving my uneasiness of my edits.


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